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Singer-Songwriter Pink Will Get a Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Singer-Songwriter Pink Will Get a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Yes, folks, this is really happening. Singer-songwriter, Pink, will get a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star and she is not stopping here. This is the cherry on top for Pink for one chapter but she is still going strong for the next one.

Ana Martinez, Producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Pink

No matter how much we debate, this truly is a big deal for her. Also, there is Ana Martinez, Producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame who says, “Pink is more than worthy to be part of it.” She stands by the idea that Pink`s legacy and contributions to pop culture must be celebrated. So far, Pink has three Grammies.

After observing Pink`s career, this is what she has to say on Pink, “She is a unique performer who leaves you in a state of joy and surprise at the same time”. She mesmerizes the audience with her voice and her action-packed performances.”

The “Get the Party Started” singer, 39, will be the 2,656th celebrity to receive a Hollywood star. According to sources, the concept for nominees for the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star is simple. If you are a celebrity, you will be nominated based on your professional achievement, the longevity of your careers as well as your contributions to the community. In this case, Pink fulfills all criteria.

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On the other hand, Pink is much more than a singer-songwriter, as the world perceives her to be. She is also an active philanthropist and works with UNICEF on multiple projects, defending human rights.

It is just amazing how she manages to accomplish so much and be devoted to her family. Pink has two kids with her husband Corey Hart, Jameson and Willow.

Pink is ecstatic about this big announcement. She told Redbook, “I think it`s cool that the kids get to see their mom be the boss and work really freaking hard to realize a dream.” 

Congrats Pink, you really deserve it!

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