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8 Things Celebs Do That Make Us Envious

8 Things Celebs Do That Make Us Envious

You better check out what are the 8 things celebs do that make us envious. On the other hand, these things give celebrities zero privacy but there is surely a lot of good stuff that comes with that fame. Obviously, it is all because of the money. They have it and they splurge like there is no tomorrow. The money allows them to do as they please. Actually, that means that they can hire people to do the most mundane tasks for them.

Here are 8 things celebs do that make us envious.

1.24/7 Housekeeper

Celebs have Butler

Who would not want a housekeeper that is there for you  24/7?! Probably nobody. This means that she will sweep away, dust, clean your bathrooms and you won`t even have to lift a finger. All rich people and celebrities have a full-time, live-in housekeeper and they love it.

2.24/7 Nannies

Anyone who has children knows how challenging to raise kids. For that reason, nannies are there to help. All celebrities and wealthy people have nannies that are around 24/7, available to do everything for their children`s needs.

3.In-door Trainers

If you are a celebrity it is the same as having a full-time job. This full-time job requires you to look good and maintain your figure at all times. In order to do so, celebs hire the best trainers and the good thing about them is that they do their training at home. Isn`t that a dream come true for most people who workout?!

4.Assistants for Running Errands

All celebs have running-errands assistants. It is a must for them. Maybe you wanna chill in your bedroom from a hangover, he/she will do whatever you ask them to do. Perhaps, you need a Starbucks coffee all of a sudden. Your assistant will do all kinds of errands for you if you are a celebrity.

5.Hair and Makeup Team At All Times

Most celebrities have hair and makeup team that is circulating around them at all times. This means that their hair and makeup on a daily basis are perfect, not to mention if they are getting ready for the red carpet. It is especially true if you are a Kardashian. They all have makeup artists and a hair crew with them from the moment they wake up in the morning.

6.Drivers On-Demand

However, Celebrities would not be celebrities if they don`t have drivers on-demand. For the ordinary people, this would be like having a cab waiting for you to go wherever you want. Just that the cab is either a Rolls Royce or Mercedes or maybe a Lambourgini. Celebs hire full-time drivers to be there for them for every kind of trip.

7.Full-Time Grocery Shoppers

For celebrities, everyday tasks like going out for grocery shopping it is very dull and monotonous. Plus they don`t do it because they are lazy. This is when the grocery shoppers step in. All A-list celebrities hire full-time grocery shoppers that are usually responsible to bring them healthy, nutritious foods.

8.In-Home Chefs

In addition,  if you are a celebrity, you don`t have to worry about cooking or preparing drinks. Your job is just to entertain your guests, cause you`ll have your in-home chef that will satisfy every guest craving out there.

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