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Netflix On Fortnite; They Are A Formidable Foe, Not HBO

Fortnite is a Formidable Foe According to Netflix: Is There a Global War For Screen Time?!

When Netflix announced their greatest ambition back in 2013, they were not kidding at all. They said that their biggest dream is to “become HBO faster than HBO can become us”. This declaration made big headlines and it was so worth it. For that kind of audacity, it takes a lot of courage but Netflix really did it and became the king of premium TV.

However, times have changed and now Netflix has an even bigger rival to care about than HBO: Fortnite, probably the most popular video game you`ll see today. Netflix even said that Fortnite is a formidable foe in the global war for internet users` attention. On the other side, Fortnite is making a real fortune and boasts over 200 million registered users. Also, as publisher Epic Games likes to claim, there are more than 80 million users who log in each month. What they have is a video game in a competitive mode that is free to play and attracts numerous users daily. In fact, reports claim from this, Epic Games earned almost $3 billion (U.S.) in profit.

Epic Games wants to bring even bigger success to the Fortnite empire. They want to hook even more internet users by building an app and a video game store.

Fortnite Video Games

So, it looks like Netflix is struggling with its earnings, compared to its competitor Fortnite. In a modest tone, Netflix addressed to its dear audience that there are 1,5 million users in the United States and 7,3 million internationally.

These numbers are a direct threat to Netflix as they`ll face pressure to defend subscribers very soon. So dear Netflix lovers, wait patiently cause there will be some big changes in Netflix if they want to hold still on the market.


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