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Apple Pay Accepted By The Top 100 US Merchants

Apple Pay Accepted by the Top 100 US Merchants, More Than 74 Retailers Love It

Apple Pay is accepted by most of the Top 100 US merchants and that number is only going upwards. The reason behind that is that Apple Pay offers customers the payment of their dreams.

This kind of payment allows you to make payments as your credit or debit card would. Supermarkets like Target, Taco Bell, Hy-Vee, and Speedway stores are now part of Apple Pay and they love it. Happy customers, happy stores. Indeed, this payment system network gets bigger and bigger as we speak. Apple Pay becomes the most popular mobile contactless payment system ever. It is an easy, convenient and secure way to pay, using your iPhone and Apple watch.

Apple`s vice president of Internet Services – Jennifer Bailey on Apple Pay:

“Whether customers are buying everyday household items, groceries, snacks for a road trip or grabbing a quick meal, Apple Pay is the easiest way to pay in stores, while also being secure and faster using a credit a debit card at the register”. 

One of Apple Pay`s perks is that in near future it will be available in all 1,850 locations across the USA. In addition, customers can use this way of payment at more than 245 Hy-Vee stores, more than 7,000 Taco Bell.

Bailey says, “Its such a thrill to us that more customers will be able to pay at their favorite stores and restaurants. They can use their Apple devices that are always with them”.

Apple Pay is available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Russia, China, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, as well as in various European countries.

Ultimately, the goal of Apple Pay is to be No.1 payment method in the world.

Keep up the good work Apple, you are on the right track!

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