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Danny Glover Is Part of The Cast Members For Movie Sequel Jumanji 3

New cast member joints the adventurous-action movie sequel Jumanji 3, and who else better than good old Danny Glover. Reports claim that Glover`s role and character is still not revealed, however, there are probably two options for Danny`s role. In the first role he could be someone from the real world who is transported to the video game world. The second role is if he plays an in-game character. Who knows, maybe he will be the new villain.

Jumanji 3 Danny Glover

Big decisions are to be made and we only hope it won`t take too long before they reveal them. The production of the movie is expected to start very soon and so far, there is no precise release date. Sony has set December 2019 as an approximate release date, so they better be quick in order to have enough  to complete in post-production.


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